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AMCC Spotlight

Custom Kitchens

A successful custom kitchen project requires careful planning and quality craftsmanship. Andrew Mick Custom Carpentry has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to find out more.

Commercial Buildouts

Custom Carpentry

Welcome To Andrew Mick Custom Carpentry

One thing we strive for at AMCC LLC is to help our customers make the best use of their construction budget. We will listen to a customer’s desires and we will do our best to steer you in the direction which we feel best suits your needs and budget. We cannot expect our customers to be contractors, if they were, we’d have no customers.

AMCC LLC and its lead people have extensive experience in residential as well as commercial construction. This gives us a unique edge when it comes to thinking “outside the box.” Commercial construction practices are often quite different than residential practices. Many times using commercial practices and materials can often simplify a residential project.

We always use the same sub contractors-this way we know exactly what and who we are dealing with. This also gives us better control of a project, including scheduling and the finished product. We do nearly anything in the realm of construction-if we do not do it, we will give you the name of a reputable contractor to accomplish it for you.

When you don’t know who to call-call us. We also specialize in finding a solution to a problem which may have plagued your home or business for years. Often times a problem goes without solution because the set or sets of eyes have not seen the issue. We pride ourselves on being able to solve many problems which have not been able to be solved by others in our trade. We regularly read trade magazines and scour articles to open our eyes to new ideas and problems. Trade shows to investigate new products are also a great source of information for us.


Our Work - Click Images To Enlarge

Egress Windows

What is an egress window? In a nutshell, an egress window is a window that allows for easy exit of an occupied sleeping room particularly in basement bedrooms. Most city codes require the installation of egress windows in newly constructed homes as well as many other instances for older homes. A specialized type of casement window, installation requires the digging and construction of a well and steps on the outside of the basement.